Pastured Eggs ?

Way better than 'free-range'.
NO cages or sheds.
1 hectare = 20 hens.

Delight your taste buds with a premium Splendid Egg.

Your food has never tasted
(or looked) sooooooooo good.

Poached egg on nachos

Splendid Eggs cook perfectly and are wonderful for baking.

Why? Because Splendid hens are true free range hens.

Our Splendid hens roam our paddocks as they please, in the fresh air, scratching and foraging, helping to fertilise our soil and produce the most delicious and nutrient dense, true free range eggs.

About The Farms

Photo: Breaky Nachos with a Splendid Egg from Pony & Cole – Summer menu
Chiken sketch

How free range is a pastured hen?

Our hens have an incredibly low stocking density at fewer than 20 birds per hectare and their purpose built, mobile hen houses are moved every few days onto fresh pasture. They are integral to the regeneration of our pastures and lay the most delicious Splendid Eggs.

Happy Hens. Splendid Eggs.